Experienced restaurateur and Nashville native Curt Cole is known for creating some of the friendliest, funkiest little neighborhood joints for first-rate foods. And he's at it again. Reopening in September as the new Cole's restaurant in the former Firefly Grille location at 2201 Bandywood Drive gives Curt joy he wishes to share.  

Brooks Household Staffing

When Cayla Brooks moved to Nashville from New York City three years ago, she remembers not a single agency could assist her with the type of job search she was conducting.

Improving Personal Castles

Because George Husk, owner of Nashville Pro Handyman & Remodeling, understands everyone’s home is their castle and that they want improvements done right, he lives by his father’s creed: “An honest man can work for his neighbors.”

From Something Old Comes Something Newly

Sitting at a table with friends, drinking beer and talking about launching a social enterprise to make the world a more sustainable place is easy. But actually doing it? Well, that’s a bit tougher. Especially when the logistics wind up involving multiple countries on separate continents for products requiring an infrastructure that doesn’t yet exist. 

‘Chosen’ Finds from Around the World

 Article Julie Brown Patton | Photography Hany Ramzy  When Sofie Whitlock's grandfather taught her Morse code, she didn't realize it would inspire her to eventually create a line of fine jewelry. Fast-forward to today, and Sofie now proudly offers The Robert Charles Bracelet with unique Morse code messages.  "These pieces are perfect for special occasions or big milestone events in people's…

The Wine Shoppe

Nashville is one of the fastest-
growing cities in the country, adding an average of more than 100 people per day, according to some estimates. The population of its metro area tops 1.8 million. And, yet, it retains its charming, family atmosphere.

No Need for Formalities at Firefly Grille

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. Sound familiar? But this isn’t "Cheers." This is Firefly Grille located in the heart of Green Hills on Bandywood Drive, about 300 yards away from the famous Bluebird Café. Owner Curt Cole says he started Firefly in 2001 because he wanted a “casual, local, friendly,…