BRING BROILING BACK this winter! Think of that mysterious, forgotten setting on your oven as an upside-down, indoor grill: focusing immense heat directly onto foods you would normally grill to create crusts, caramelization and char. But, just like with a good roux, you can never leave the broiler’s side - not even to answer the door. This big heat develops…

Fun Fitness Finds

Looking for a different gift for Father's Day, birthday, anniversary or just-because for a special guy? Then consider sizzling socks designed to perform and improve a man's daily toe-wiggling experiences at the Green Hills location of FleetFeet, 3900 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 18.

Catch Alicia Witt in Action

As fans salivate for the upcoming seventh-and-final season of Orange Is the New Black, cast members teased on social media about a musical treat received from singer, indie-pop songwriter and TV veteran Alicia Witt. All with good reason—Alicia (from ABC’s Nashville series, The Walking Dead, Twin Peaks and child actress in 1984 sci-fi action Dune) was cast in OITNB as a character named Zelda.

Turkey Day Workout

STEPS Fitness personal training was founded in 1986 by exercise physiologist Irv Rubenstein. STEPS stands for “Scientific Training and Exercise Prescription Specialists.” Irv knows how much people desire to stay active during the holidays and offers the following exercises that can be done in the privacy of one's own home—even as Thanksgiving food is being prepared!

Veterinary Care with Caring Attitudes

 Article Julie Brown Patton | Photography Hany Ramzy  Hillsboro Animal Hospital, a full-service veterinary hospital at 2207 Bandywood Drive, was established in 1968. Staffers recently celebrated the hospital's 50th anniversary of servicing the community's broad range of animals and pet parents. 615.298.2663,  Are you seeking a veterinary hospital staff that considers your pets as important to life as you…

Pepper Boxing

 Article Jeremy Dorn | Photography Hany Ramzy  "Treadmills are for hamsters," Alexander "Pepper" Kaufman writes at the end of his email. Whether this is a quip or a legitimate slogan, you don't want to question the founder and owner of Pepper Boxing. Alexander has been privately training clients for almost 10 years, worked his way to the top of the…