Sensational Salad

Need a side dish recipe for that family barbecue this fall? How about an idea for the next potluck? Well, look no further! Friends at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe have shared just how easy it is to make a tasty Greek salad! 

Handmade, Local Bites

Since 1995, The Food Company team members at 2211 Bandywood Drive have maintained a smart reputation as a forward-thinking Green Hills establishment for the entire Nashville region. And then there's the bonus of the Greenhouse Bar out back!

Famous Fruit Tea

No one seems sure where fruit tea came from, but many agree the concoction is a Music City classic. Calypso Cafe crops up when Nashvillians vote for who serves their favorite version. Try it at the Berry Hill 100 Oaks Calypso restaurant at 700 Thompson Lane, or brew a batch of your own.

Wowing the Palate Recipe

Creating new mouthwatering meals has been chef Kevin Ramquist’s passion since he turned 16 years old.

Help Cleanse Your Body While Enjoying Cocktails

 Article Julie Brown Patton | Photography Hany Ramzy  Beverages packed with natural vitamins fuel the whole body. Some people "detox" through juice-cleansing regimens. Others even infuse their alcoholic cocktails with juices designed to increase collagen production and fight aging.  Enter the product line of handcrafted, cold-pressed, organic juices and whole-food smoothies from Fix Juice Co.

Dude Food

Whether You’re Cooking for One or Cooking for Many, These Easy Dishes are Sure to Impress Anyone Gathered at Your Kitchen Table Article Nicolette Martin FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH WITH JALAPEÑO SLAW INGREDIENTS (SANDWICH) 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon ground paprika 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder Cayenne pepper, to taste Boneless, skinless chicken breasts Vegetable oil … Continued

Promoting Plant-based Eating

In a city better known for hot chicken than healthy eating, how does a kosher-certified vegetarian restaurant—literally built on a sustainable foundation—survive and thrive?