Head for Brian Head!

With the blessed exhaustion of the holidays behind us, it is high time you treated yourself to a well-deserved vacation while there is still snowfall. There is a plethora of sports, activities, and fun things to do that are at your fingertips. And while Nashville doesn’t get any snow that’s too extreme, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the winter season! A popular favorite activity is skiing, and a favorite place out west is Brian Head ski resort. A bit of a trip, located in Utah, this snowy peak is orientated at family-fueled fun for all ages. 9,700-feet up, this resorts spreads over two mountains and is quite the beast. Don’t let that intimidate you, though; with 71 different runs and eight different ski lifts, this resort has something for every skill level, whether you’ve been shredding powder for years or if you’ve never even touched a set of skis.
Speaking of never touching skis, Brian Head also offers beginners classes to show you the ropes necessary out on the mountain. And, to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything other than skiing, Brian Head’s housing is top-notch. Whether you want a hotel, lodge, condo, or yurt, Brian Head has you covered.
Skiing certainly isn’t the only thing you can do at Brian Head, though. Snowboarding is another obvious one, but snowmobiling, mountain biking, and scenic chairlifts are all available options. All this might make Brian Head seem pretty cramped, especially around the winter holidays, but that is surprisingly not true. A mixture of a massive resort, the 71 runs mentioned above as well as three terrain parks, two tubing hills, and tons of backcountry access keep these mountains surprisingly open. It’s a veritable hidden gem nestled into the Utah mountains.
Great food and great views are certainly a draw as well. Brian Head Resort will quickly help you work up an appetite for après-ski cuisine in the gorgeous lodge facilities. The Grand Lodge’s Leany’s Steakhouse boasts an in-house baker, the elegant Lift Bar and Patio, and a great view of the surrounding landscape. It’s a cool place to share food and drink with friends. Book a hotel room here and spend a few nights enjoying all the amenities, from spa treatments to a fitness center and meeting rooms. And while the views aren’t usually the first reason one books a ski resort, Brian Head can easily change that. Stunning red rock views are seen from every peak, and the Cedar Breaks National monument is a sight to behold. Brian Head is an extraordinary place to visit and the perfect place to enjoy as your winter getaway.